Roger Howsley, Executive Director of WINSI’m back in DC after a long, long day trip to Harvard to lecture at the Belfer Center and delighted to say that they want to partner with us on the professional development materials (which of course you will edit!!). How cool is that; WINS and Harvard in three short years. Says something about our brand and your excellence in producing the guides.

—Roger Howsley, Executive Director, World Institute for Nuclear Security, Vienna, Austria


Dr. John Kitzhaber, Governor of OregonThanks for this analysis of my manuscript. It has given me much food for thought.

—Dr. John Kitzhaber, Governor of Oregon





Joseph Howell, Managing Director of WebFilingsWhen I was the CEO at ProReason, Clarice composed and edited several important documents for us. We were extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of her work, which we found to be exceptional in all respects. Clarice demonstrates a consistent polite, professional manner and is poised and crystal clear in all of her communications.

Everyone who engaged with Clarice reported that working with her was a pleasure. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking professional writing or editing services, and I personally look forward to another opportunity to work with her.

—Joseph Howell, Managing Director, WebFilings, Ames, Iowa


And I must say the total document is sooo much better thanks to your inputs, edits, guidance & influence.

—Steve Robinson, United Kingdom


As ever, I have to defer to the ‘surgical precision’ and Clarice’s technical skills! I am more than happy with Clarice’s editing and improvements and agree that the BPG is better for her attention!! I believe none of the technical detail has been lost by the technical edit. One day I shall learn to write like Clarice. However, at least this version suffered fewer corrections than others, so we are learning (!!)

—Malcolm Baker, Director, Resilience Limited, United Kingdom


Rob Seemann, Owner of Career Livelihood LLC


This is, honest-to-goodness, a completely beautifully written Letter of Agreement. I struggle with my own writing process, and it always seems to provide such relief to read your words and conclude, “that is exactly what I wanted to communicate.”

—Rob Seemann, President, Career Livelihood LLC, Troutdale, Oregon


I think Chapter One is really awesome.  Thanks for all your excellent work.

—Jeannette Vos, Author, New Zealand


Dennis Stovall, Publisher and PSU ProfessorClarice Dankers is exceptional. She is not only brilliant, but talented. Her communications skills certainly stand out. She speaks and writes with grace and sensitivity to audience. Clarice has extraordinary organizational skills. She is widely read and knows where to find information on just about anything.

And she’s a pleasure to be around. Besides the singular talents and skills she demonstrates, she is supportive and generous with ideas. She works hard. And she keeps her sense of humor. Whatever she turns her hand (and mind) to she does well.

—Dennis Stovall, Assistant Professor of English and founder of Ooligan Press, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon


Dr. Kuo Chang, owner of Asthma Allergy CentreYou are an awesome writer. The press release you have written for me is superb.

—Dr. Kuo Chang, Owner, Asthma Allergy Centre, Tigard, Oregon




Clarice has a fine appreciation of the subtleties of structure, diction, and tone that elevate adequate writing into something compelling—and the enthusiasm to convey these concepts to others. She has a natural warmth and humor that enables her to establish rapport with almost anyone. But I would say that her single most important qualification is simply her love of language. Reading, writing, singing; words to analyze, translate, ponder, and most of all—to share.

—Estelle Bollinger, Senior Director, Contracts and Proposals, Usha Communications Technology, Portland, Oregon


Ann Elizabeth Grace, AuthorThank you for the edits, Clarice. They are beautiful and also very directive, which is great. I especially like how you edited the opening section. You really have an eye for beginnings (and middles, and endings, and everything in between…!) Plus it is obvious to me that you “know your stuff” when it comes to meditation.

Your suggestions for the “Scientific Research” section are helpful – I’ll review the studies I pulled from and tighten it up. Thank you SO much for standing by my side every step of the way and helping me give birth to this baby! Working with you has far exceeded my expectations of what it would mean to have an editor and writing coach.

―Ann Elizabeth Grace, Author, Vienna, Austria


Michael Mintz, EnvironmentalistThis is a beautiful thing, Clarice. I can’t believe you took that blathering “stream of conciousness” and turned it into a presentable professional letter. Unbelievable! You sure can write! Clarice, I want to say sincerely that your services are invaluable and will serve me well for years to come. Thanks again.

—Michael Mintz, Environmental Engineer, Portland, Oregon


Reference for Clarice Dankers, editor, from Dr. Begona Gutierrez-Nieto


Thank you, Clarice. I have reviewed the whole paper, and I think it has greatly improved from your corrections!

―Dr. Begoña Gutiérrez-Nieto, University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain


Reference for Clarice Dankers from Chris BrewerOne of the gifts of a good editor is a visionary eye that can catch and retain the essence of a thought while removing those things that get in the way of clarity. Clarice has this visionary gift! After writing eight books and working with several editors, I can recommend her work thoroughly.

―Chris Brewer, Author, Bellingham, Washington