Need a Freelance Writer?

Clarice Dankers is a freelance writer in Portland, Oregon, who helps businesses grow through outstanding content.

As a freelance writer in Portland, Oregon, I create B2B communications that help you grow your business. 

Examples of my services include:

Why choose me as your freelance writer?

Choosing someone to help you tell your business story can be a challenging task. Here are a few things that set me apart from other writers.

Content that is effective

I understand how to research, organize and write communications that ”speak” to different kinds of people–whether they are business professionals, academics or a general audience. I also know how to craft communications for different purposes, such as demonstrating your expertise, presenting your innovative solutions, or increasing your sales. 

Content that is well designed and jargon-free 

The communications I write emphasize Plain English, which is active writing that is free of wordiness, jargon and stale phrases. They also incorporate plenty of white space, headings, graphics and other elements that make your information easy to understand and a pleasure to read.

Content that increases website traffic 

I’ve studied website design, inbound marketing and search engine optimization intensively for the last nine years. I’ve also designed many websites myself. This means I know how to incorporate SEO features into your website content, news releases, online articles and more.

Content that meets the highest standards of quality

Because I am also a professional editor with an expert knowledge of grammar and publishing styles (including Chicago, AP and APA), you can be sure that the communications I write for you will meet the highest standards of quality.

What does all of this mean to you?

The professional communications I craft for you will make your life easier, make your business more successful, and make you look good!

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