About Clarice Dankers

It really is true that life is about change.

Clarice DankersIn just the last two years, the man whose life I had shared for 38 years transitioned, I closed down the writing and editing business I had owned for 10 years, and I accepted a job offer from a long-time client and moved from Portland, Oregon, to Vienna, Austria!

I’m not quite sure how I got the courage to leave a place I had lived for 30 years and not only move to a new city but to a new country at the age of 63. I know I was ready for a major change, though. I talked to my twin sister and two daughters about it, went to a spiritual writing retreat in Sedona, Arizona, to try and gain clarity, and talked to some friends whose advice I valued.

In the end, I decided to just give it a try.

The move has had some minor challenges, but I have overcome them. And to be honest, I still can’t believe I am actually living in Vienna–which is something I’ve wanted to do since I was 12 years old!

I’ve spent a lifetime immersed in words: reading, writing, studying foreign languages, teaching English as a second language, teaching university writing composition courses, and singing. I love American and British folk songs because no matter how you are feeling there is a song you can sing that expresses it.

Story Mentor was the name of my business, and I have always loved it. Now it seems like it wants to transition into something else, give birth to something else, I am just not sure what yet.

To provide more flexibility, I am turning the site into a blog where I can write about the things I am experiencing, thinking, and feeling. My hope is that some of my stories will resonate with you and that you will be inspired to share your stories in return.