Freelance Writer * Copy Editor * Writing Coach

Imagine a world in which your content is clear, compelling and powerful.

Imagine that your content demonstrates your expertise, establishes you as a leader in your field, and provides real solutions. Then imagine that it delights your readers, that growing numbers of people discover your solutions, and that your business reaps the benefits.

I can help you turn this vision into reality.

Clarice Dankers is a freelance writer, copy editor and writing coach  in Portland, Oregon.

Clarice Dankers, MA

As a freelance writer, copy editor and writing coach, I offer a comprehensive set of services. This means I can research and write your content for you, edit what you have written, or coach you through your own writing and publishing process.

The longer I work as a freelance business writer and copy editor (I’ve been at this full time now since 2004), the more convinced I am that all writing tells a story.

My goal is to help you tell your story in the most powerful way I can.

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Clarice Dankers offers freelance writer services for businesses around the world Clarice Dankers is a copy editor in Portland, Oregon, who works with businesses around the world. As a writing coach, Clarice Dankers helps business executives create outstanding written communications.

I used to feel particularly proud (confident and comfortable) that I could count a securities lawyer among my closest advisers and friends. After considering your contributions to this PPM, I must tell you that I now feel the same way about you, as a professional writer!
—Joseph Howell, CEO